Cloud Music Player - Listener

Cloud Music Player - Listener for iPhone

Listening to Cloud Tunes

Cloud Music Player - Listener is a free 'Audio' app created by Jhon Belle. It plays music from devices and cloud storage services.

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  • Gain access to all music in cloud storage.
  • Save space on devices.
  • Share music with other users.
  • Create personalized playlists.


  • Requires stable connection between devices and network.
  • Needs a secure wireless network to avoid getting hacked.
  • Music Player Tools are too simplistic.
  • Takes time to search music.

Not bad

Cloud Music Player - Listener is a free 'Audio' app created by Jhon Belle. It plays music from devices and cloud storage services.

Enjoying Music Anywhere

Cloud Music Player - Listener lets users access their cloud storage accounts whenever they wish to do so. Users simply open up their network and connect to their cloud storage platform. The app’s Offline mode provides the users a more convenient option where they can download their audio files from their cloud storage account into their own device. This allows music enjoyment if network connection is problematic or unavailable. All audio files downloaded online are transferred to Offline list. This app supports the cloud storage platforms Google Drive, DropBox and OneDrive. The app also has an option called Wi-Fi Transfer where they can acquire their music from a wireless connection.

Tools for Managing Music Playlist

The app’s Sleep timer option will prompt itself to sleep mode If the app is running unattended. Users can manage the songs currently playing through Lock screen playback controls and Background music playback. These interfaces make sure that users don’t have to close and open the app constantly if they want to move to the next song. As a music player, the app has basic music playlist functions like playback, repeat and shuffle. They can also manage their playlist like creating, renaming or editing them. Users can play audio files with the standard formats like wav, mp3, m4a, and more. One of the benefits of using this app is that users can simply play music without compromising their device’s storage space. The audio files are stored in their cloud storage accounts and it means they don’t have to store a lot of music on their devices. Another benefit that the app offers is that users can share their tunes wherever they are. As long as they provide permission for accessing their cloud storage accounts, they can allow their contacts to acquire copies of their audio files. They can also import their music from their computer to their device with the app. The app also provides freedom of access to the personal music library of OneDrive, Google Drive and DropBox. 

Cloud Music On the Go

Cloud Music Player - Listener takes advantage of wireless technology for sharing music from cloud storage platforms. It saves spaces for devices while making music very accessible to any users.

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Cloud Music Player - Listener


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